About us

Optimal Solutions LLC is a consulting firm founded in July of 2017. We analyze operations of the firms and governement entities, identify the gaps or problems they have (if any), design the optimal solution to close these gaps, help them with implementation of these solutions, and finally provide continuous support with implementation of our solution.

We have conducted various projects for Azerbaijani Railways, the Insitute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Cybernet LLC, Nexia EA and many other entities. More informaiton about our consultancy work can be found at www.optimalsolutions.az

While working with different companies and government entities, we realized that there is a huge need for data scientists. To help to cover this demand and prepare experts in this field, we launched our Training Center in January of 2022, which focuses on three main areas

  • Data Science trainings: Our main purpose is to train data science specialists and data analysts. We have trainings on various data analysis and analytics tools such as Python, R, STAT, SPSS, Eviews and others, together with data visualization tools such as PowerBI and Tableau.
  • Moreover, we have trainings on probability and statistics for actuarial scicence and data analysis. Finally, we share data modeling and database design experience in our trainings.

  • Academic trainings: Our goal here is to help PhD candidates and young researchers to write a good academic papers which will be at the standard required by indexed interenational journals. In that sense, we provide trainings on research methods, academic writing and quantitative analysis.
  • University Admission preparations: To help students and graduates to prepare for international undergraduate and graduate university admission exams, we provide preparations for SAT Mathematics, IB Economics and Mathematics at High and Low level, GRE and GMAT quantitative reasoning.